purna yoga, peeps

it’s finally happening, homies.


i am going to be running yoga classes and they will be based around the key principles of purna yoga.

wtf is purna yoga i hear you say? well, let me explain in 140 characters or less… LOL, that was a joke but seriously, have a read.

purna in sanskrit means complete. and as such, involves not just asana (physical postures) but a wide variety of techniques to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

for me, this is super important as wellness is about treating the whole person and purna yoga allows me to fulfill my dharma (life purpose).

so, what does this look like on the mat?

in my beginners or foundation program, the asana will be based around level 1 poses with sustained holds and a flowing sun salutation sequence. hands on adjustments and a focus on alignment will enable students to develop strength, open energy channels and refine movements.

there will be pranayama practice (the use of the breath to connect the postures) and meditation to help control the mind and nervous system.

and why should i try it?

because i honestly believe that it will change your life for the better. calming the mind and soothing the body through movement and breath. i am here to help you any way i can. give me a call, send me a text, write on my wall, hail me down in the street, knock on my door? (maybe don’t do that, that’s a bit weird).


other important stuff

classes commence on monday the 31st of july.

when: 7pm

where: pure, traralgon

come and try. if you hate it, i won’t hate you (promise).

cara x



yin. yang. yoga. yoghurt.

sorry, i couldn’t think of anything catchier for a title and yoghurt starts with y so…?

anyway, this post is about me embarking on yin yoga training and what’s this means for me. by all means, your experience may be completely different so take what’s useful, leave what isn’t, it’s all cool by me.

so, i am vinyasa yogi. i love movement, flow and dynamic, energetic sequences with bangin’ tunes and sweat dripping off my body. i like playing with arm balances and hanging around upside down.


yin yoga has never really appealed to me. to be completely honest, i kind of hate it. it’s slow and soft and leaves me with waaaay too much time to think.

and you know what? that’s the answer.

i hate yin because it asks me to do something that i’m not comfortable with, and in this day and age (pardon the cliche), being uncomfortable is just not something one does. if you’re in an uncomfortable chair, you move, if you’re in an uncomfortable pose… you move. or if you’re me (which i am), you fidget and twitch and shake and made any excuse under the sun to not stay with the feeling that being stuck in that pose for five fucking minutes evokes.

some famous dude once said that “the pose begins when you want to leave it” and man, ain’t that the truth. from 2 days of yin yoga training, focusing on the breath, sinking in and just letting the feelings wash over me but not have power of me – so much bliss and just utter relief.

so yes, i had an epiphany of sorts. and no, that doesn’t mean i’m cured. and i suddenly love yin (i don’t). but being the anxious and hyperactive person that i am, i can now see why i need it. not just in yoga but in all aspects of my life. to be able to feel emotions, in their entirety and not run… phew, that’s the magic.



cara x

doggy style

get your mind of the gutter people… i’m talking about downward facing dog.

the backbone (literally) of yoga, downward facing dog is an all-round body building super pose. it strengthens the arms, shoulder, back, legs and core.

but why am i devoting a post to this pose. well, it’s about alignment. and the fact that so many people that i teach and practice with get caught up in what they THINK downward facing dog should look like. or what it looks like on instagram, facebook etc.

firstly, there are alignment cues that we should all follow to gain maximum benefits – tilt the sit bones high, breathe into the back body, move the shoulder blades back and down – and then there are the cues that don’t help.

i’m talking about feet to the floor, legs straight, head on the mat… whilst, downward facing dog CAN look like this for most of us, it doesn’t and there is nothing wrong with that.

bend your knees if your hamstrings are tight, widen your hands to make room for the shoulders, roll up a blanket for support under the wrists. it’s your dog. own it. work it.


FYI, i’m a yoga teacher and i still don’t have my feet flat. at first, i thought that this was a weakness but i have since learnt that it is actually my strength. it not only makes me relatable but it also means i focus more on activation and mobilisation of my muscles.

here’s a little something to leave you thinking about… asanas don’t have alignment. people do.


cara x



club magic

if i was ever uncertain about my spirituality and what the universe had in store for me, the retreat i attended this weekend just passed, has quashed those doubts. flattened them in fact.

it’s actually quite difficult to put into words. from complete surrender and crying on my mat whilst chanting to shiva, to the laughter, joy and ‘lightness’ i felt as i moved my body with abandon… who knew that 72 hours could be such a game changer.

i know where i’m going and i know that they universe won’t let me fall. the support i have from my family and friends and fellow yogi’s is unwavering and i could not be more grateful.

namaste lovers.

cara x



for many, yoga conjures images of lithe and limber ladies in lycra. whilst this is true (on instagram at least), there is so much more to the practice of yoga.

aaaand i’m gonna tell you. let me share a little about my own yoga journey and how it’s changed my perspective. cool? let’s roll.

for me, it shows me truths that i don’t always want to see. and that’s the beauty of the practice.

(this is where it starts to get a bit heavy but bear with me because believe it or not, yoga is more than just asana)

yoga in sanskrit, loosely translates to union. in yoga philosophy, it is said that peace and contentment can only be attained through balance. balance in mind, body and spirit. physical expressions or postures in isolation will not lead to happiness.

(this is a concept that I struggled with for a long time. im a perfectionist and sufferer of the dreaded middle child syndrome)

in the beginning, yoga was just another thing I needed to be good at. I needed to be stronger, more flexible, skinnier, faster… better, than the person next to me. yoga was ALL about my body… time and a swami later, i’m a little wiser and i’ve experienced my first breakthrough moment. i am not my body. and neither are you.

your body is a vehicle. look after it but don’t become “attached” to it. it is what it holds that you should value the most. the very uniqueness that is “you”.

so what do you do know you’ve experienced a little snifter of self-realisation?

keep going. be curious. and start practicing yoga in every single part of your life. a little quote from a reasonably famous dude comes to mind here. you might have heard of him… gandhi?

“be the change you want to see in the world.”

our bodies are impermanent. our actions are forever.

you may be just starting on your yoga journey or continuing on your path of awareness and self-inquiry. either way, my advice to you, my dear readers, is this….

be good. do good.

laugh. recycle. smile. compliment. be grateful. educate. keep an open mind.

and let happiness find you…


cara x