doggy style

get your mind of the gutter people… i’m talking about downward facing dog.

the backbone (literally) of yoga, downward facing dog is an all-round body building super pose. it strengthens the arms, shoulder, back, legs and core.

but why am i devoting a post to this pose. well, it’s about alignment. and the fact that so many people that i teach and practice with get caught up in what they THINK downward facing dog should look like. or what it looks like on instagram, facebook etc.

firstly, there are alignment cues that we should all follow to gain maximum benefits – tilt the sit bones high, breathe into the back body, move the shoulder blades back and down – and then there are the cues that don’t help.

i’m talking about feet to the floor, legs straight, head on the mat… whilst, downward facing dog CAN look like this for most of us, it doesn’t and there is nothing wrong with that.

bend your knees if your hamstrings are tight, widen your hands to make room for the shoulders, roll up a blanket for support under the wrists. it’s your dog. own it. work it.


FYI, i’m a yoga teacher and i still don’t have my feet flat. at first, i thought that this was a weakness but i have since learnt that it is actually my strength. it not only makes me relatable but it also means i focus more on activation and mobilisation of my muscles.

here’s a little something to leave you thinking about… asanas don’t have alignment. people do.


cara x