yours truly?

… or in this case, yours drooly, a new range of natural shampoo and conditioner for our four-legged friends.

made with a coconut base and inspired by the bush, these sensitive skin friendly solutions feature lemon myrtle, rosemary, lavender and oatmeal.

the fact that these products featured no nasties really appealed to me and the guys at masterpet were lovely enough to send me samples.

and who better to test them on then my two purrfect puppies, cal and kai.


kai is an itchy prone german shepherd pup and safe to say he really appreciated the puppy specific lavender and rosemary formulation.

cal is a long haired golden retriever who likes puddles. so, the adult lemon myrtle shampoo was a perfect match.

both of their coats benefited from the conditioner, something i haven’t used on my dogs before but have since learned is an important step in the cleaning process.

the end result was 1 very wet and hairy human and 2 soft and shiny pups who smelled fresh as daisies!

there you have it. if you are someone who prefers to use natural products on yourself, why would subject your dogs to anything less?

still need convincing? i reckon this photo of cal speaks for itself.


check out for stockists and other delicious and nutritious treats for man’s (or woman’s) best friend.

cara x



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