the “c” word

*** this is a guest post from my dearest mum. she’s the creative one… at least she creates things that people want to keep, not like those half melted looking clay cups i used to make in primary school.

yep. i’m gonna do it. i’m saying it. there’s no way of getting around it now…christmas is on its way.

but never fear, i’m here to help you get through unscathed.

are you looking to make some new decorations this christmas? homemade gifts for friends and family? don’t want to spend a fortune in time or money?

here are a few cute crafts i have tracked down and made and you can too (oh, the beauty of pinterest).

costing less than $10, these delightful DIYs only take 5-15 minutes to make with 5 elements or less.

in the spirit of recycling/upcycIing, i have used old CD’s and wine bottles and given old decorations a new lease on life by using scratched baubles on plates and wreaths.

the only new but inexpensive purchases made to complete my projects were some paper doilies, candles, canvases and stickers.

ready to roll?

wine bottle wrap

rolling brown paper into a cone around a wine bottle is almost as easy as drinking it. use red/white/green to tie in with the christmas theme or decorate as you like. it’s a gift for any occasion really.


sticker art

canvas + stickers = DIY at it’s best.

2 elements. 2 minutes. no excuses.


jar ‘o’ lollies

any jar will do, old or new (what a rhyme)…

i used christmas M&M’s to fill a jar, added a ribbon and a sticker. voila. perfect to keep up my sleeve as last minute gifts and stocking fillers.


xmas wreath

spray paint an old CD and a paper doily in gold. then glue the doily to the CD and and then using a hot glue gun stick your candle to the base. add a festive ribbon to jazz up the arrangement.


more ideas and inspiration…

epsom salts/sugar + essential oils and food coloring make lovely personal gifts. i tend to favour lavender & peppermint oils for bath salts and/or sugar scrubs.

roll a candle in glue and then in glitter. you can do a third, half or full candle or all three and line them up in a row. simple and super effective.

so there you have it. handmade gifts marrying old and new.

easy, cost effective and these babies will sets you apart from the christmas crowd.




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