you don’t make friends with salad

… or do you?

summer’s here and it’s starting to heat up. with the warmer weather, i often crave cooler, lighter meals at the end of the day.

you know what i also crave?

healthy food that is easy to make, easy to eat and easy to clean up. lucky for me, salad fulfills all this criteria.

and yes, i can hear you all now. i HATE salad. salad is bland. tasteless. boring. or worse still, if i eat a salad, i’ll be hungry 2 hours later and probably eat 10 kit kats and a loaf of bread.

the secret solution to all these problems… your ingredients!

a GOOD salad needs balance. the balance is greens + vegetables + carbohydrates + protein + fats.

because i’m feeling generous, i’ve done the research for you. here is the lowdown on what makes a super salad.

step 1: greens

choose from a mix of leaves including rocket, spinach, kale and beetroot leaves. salad leaves are rich sources of fibre and vitamins and if you choose well, can add both colour and flavour with very little kilojoules.

step 2: vegetables

the more you include, the more nutritious and delicious the salad will be. carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot and capsicum are a good place to start. but really, the world is your oyster… mushroom, that is!

step 3: carbohydrates

without adequate carbohydrates you WILL feel unsatisfied. by adding a small amount of low GI carbohydrates to your salad (think sweet potato, corn, chickpeas or quinoa) you can prevent this from happening.

step 4: protein

tuna, salmon, egg or chicken breast provides bulk for your salad as well as containing essential amounts of iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and omega 3 fats. the protein is important as it will keep you fuller, for longer.

step 5: fat

olive oil, flax seed oil, avocados and walnuts are the best additions to your salad as they not only taste great but they are satiating and help with the absorption of nutrients.

so, now you’ve got the formula, the only real limit is your imagination.

the lesson here… you DO make friends with salad!

cara x



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