cabernet candles

we promised. now we’ll deliver.

candles made out of old wine bottles. drink then DIY. but maybe wait until you’re sober before playing with fire. you with me? good.

so, it’s pretty simply really. grab an old wine bottle, pop some gravel/rocks/pebbles/gems in the bottom, so that it has some weight.

then using one of those fancy BBQ gas lighters, lightly melt the end of a pillar candle so that you can insert it into the top of the bottle and the wax “sticks”.

once, your candle is in, continue melting around the base so that wax begins dripping down the edges of the bottle. this is to prevent any candle catastrophes i.e. burnt tablecloths.

next, cut your wick and light the candle.

that’s it. you’re done.

the real magic happens over time. light the candle at dinner time, bath time, anytime really and let the wax do it’s work. the more you use your candle, the better it looks.

when the candle burns down to a stump, simply pull it out and replace with another. repeat the initial steps so that the candle is solid in the top of the bottle before using.

crafty, huh?


IMG_4312 (1)




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