up-cycling: like unicycling but cooler

anyone else feeling like they need to re-think the way they live?

lately, i have been looking to recycle, re-use & re-purpose household goods. reducing my environmental footprint is a big plus but it is also a way of simplifying my life.

minimalism is so trendy right now. and i don’t mean the, white walls, white curtains and white couches kind of minimalism but just reducing the amount of “stuff” bought on a daily basis. taking a step back and asking the question. do i need this?

the next step is to look at what goes to waste at home. what can be re-used ? living out of town means we don’t have a recycle bin collection and a lot of potentially useful stuff is turned into waste.

but not anymore!

since late last year, i have been saving tin cans and jars, washing & removing labels then re-purposing them as pencil holders, bathroom décor/accessories & plant containers.


it’s simple, yes but it looks good and it’s personal. moreover, with christmas fast approaching, i have been getting a head start on making gifts for family & friends.

remember, string art? i’ve spent many a “crafternoon” creating unique artworks using old wood, nails and coloured string.


it really is that easy. with a little bit of thought and effort, old can become new again. people really enjoy my homemade goodies and not only will you save time (no need to go to shops and battle the pre- Christmas madness) but it is also cost effective and can save you heaps of money.

saving money and saving the environment. what’s not to like? – cara

with a little planning you can do this too. check back next week for instructions on how to turn a boring empty wine bottle into a piece of delicious décor.

the bonus is you have to empty the bottle before using it…

get busy.




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