chocolate crisis

cliché or no, it’s the truth – chocolate is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

but i’ve got a conscience and the more i learn about the world of chocolate the more concerned i become about the environment and the sustainability of our cocoa consumption.

as cities grow and supermarkets take over, we are more removed than ever from where our food comes from. and sadly, so is our sense of responsibility.

we don’t seem to be making the connection between the fires in indonesia and palm oil… rising chocolate prices and the cacao crisis. the very fact that WE are guilty of fueling a trade that puts the lives of animals, humans and the environment at risk.

so, what’s a chocolate obsessed, PMS crazy, nature lover to do?


one of my many amazing discoveries whilst in byron bay was this brand. finally, a company that is all about ethical relationships and sustainable farming and REAL results.


i mean, what more could you want? chocolate that is not only “nourishing for the foodie, farmer and field” but delicious and completely affordable at $5 a block.

so, do yourself a favour, next time you reach for cadbury’s, choose alter eco instead.

and when you finish it – recycle it– even the truffle wrappers are compostable!

it’s better for you. it’s better for the world.

** what’s your favourite flavour? lemme know.

cara x



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