for many, yoga conjures images of lithe and limber ladies in lycra. whilst this is true (on instagram at least), there is so much more to the practice of yoga.

aaaand i’m gonna tell you. let me share a little about my own yoga journey and how it’s changed my perspective. cool? let’s roll.

for me, it shows me truths that i don’t always want to see. and that’s the beauty of the practice.

(this is where it starts to get a bit heavy but bear with me because believe it or not, yoga is more than just asana)

yoga in sanskrit, loosely translates to union. in yoga philosophy, it is said that peace and contentment can only be attained through balance. balance in mind, body and spirit. physical expressions or postures in isolation will not lead to happiness.

(this is a concept that I struggled with for a long time. im a perfectionist and sufferer of the dreaded middle child syndrome)

in the beginning, yoga was just another thing I needed to be good at. I needed to be stronger, more flexible, skinnier, faster… better, than the person next to me. yoga was ALL about my body… time and a swami later, i’m a little wiser and i’ve experienced my first breakthrough moment. i am not my body. and neither are you.

your body is a vehicle. look after it but don’t become “attached” to it. it is what it holds that you should value the most. the very uniqueness that is “you”.

so what do you do know you’ve experienced a little snifter of self-realisation?

keep going. be curious. and start practicing yoga in every single part of your life. a little quote from a reasonably famous dude comes to mind here. you might have heard of him… gandhi?

“be the change you want to see in the world.”

our bodies are impermanent. our actions are forever.

you may be just starting on your yoga journey or continuing on your path of awareness and self-inquiry. either way, my advice to you, my dear readers, is this….

be good. do good.

laugh. recycle. smile. compliment. be grateful. educate. keep an open mind.

and let happiness find you…


cara x



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