breakfast has always been my favourite meal. it can be so many things. sweet. savoury. salty… sumptious. breakfast is the meal that should set you up for the day and i look forward to it every morning. but i’m afraid that i am in the minority. as our lives get busier and busier, for many, breakfast is something easily missed, hastily prepared and consumed “on the go.”

but change is on the horizon. long gone are the days of boring, nutrient poor cereal followed by a splash of milk and a slurp of orange juice. people are starting to take breakfast seriously.

and so they should.

science (and mum) tell us that it is the most important meal of the day so why not put some effort into it. i’ve been experimenting lately and my favourite combo at the moment is sourdough with mayver’s nut butter, topped with banana or blueberries, buckinis (baby buckwheat) and coconut flakes. it’s filling. it’s full of fibre. but most importantly it’s delicious and nutritious.

so, readers. what’s your favourite breakfast of all time? pancakes, bacon and eggs or something a little more adventurous like chia seed pudding or kitchari.

for me, i’ll continue on my quest to change people’s perception of the most mighty meal of the morning from breakFAST to breakSLOW… get it?




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